St. Joseph Named One of the Best Places to Work in Manufacturing


In a new study, financial technology company SmartAsset found that St. Joseph is among the top 15 best places to work in manufacturing in the nation. SmartAsset analyzed nearly 400 metro areas to uncover the best places to work considering a variety of factors such as manufacturing employment,
income and cost of living.

In 2022, St. Joseph moved from number 30 on the list to number 12. Among other Missouri cities, only Jefferson City ranked higher at 3, with Cape Girardeau, Joplin and Columbia ranking 99, 68 and 70 respectively.

“What’s significant to me is looking at the percent of the workforce that is in manufacturing in the St. Joseph metro area — it’s 25.5 percent,” said Natalie Redmond, President and CEO of the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce. “That’s far above other Missouri metros that were in the top 100.”

St. Joseph ranked eighth out of 100 when evaluated by the percent of people working in manufacturing.

“St. Joseph should be very proud of being a community that makes a diverse mix of products that are essential to the global economy,” Redmond said. “St. Joseph is consistently the third top exporter in the state by a landslide behind Kansas City and St. Louis. That’s because our business leaders and residents are leaders in manufacturing.”

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