Rolling Hills Library Unveils New Bookmobile


The Rolling Hills Library held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate its brand-new, 28-foot long bookmobile.

The new bus was built by LDV, a manufacturer of bookmobiles and other custom specialty vehicles.  It replaces a 17-year-old bus the library purchased used from an Indiana library in 2012 so it could re-establish bookmobile service.

The new bookmobile has shelf space to carry 1,500 to 3,000 books and materials, similar to the old bookmobile.  It has a 16‐foot wide awning to roll out when the vehicle is parked and is able to lower its body close to the ground for easier access.  A ramp provides handicap accessibility instead of a chair lift and will let library staff easily wheel book carts on board.

Visit its website to learn more.