New Executives Honored at Event


The St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce honored more than 100 new executives to the St. Joseph business community at its New Executive Welcome Aug. 17 at the Metropolitan, 107 S. Sixth St.

The purpose of the New Executives Welcome is to recognize and welcome those who are new to management in St. Joseph. They could be newly promoted or transferred into St. Joseph from another location. Because of the pandemic, the Chamber hadn’t hosted the event since 2019, so new executives from then until now were invited to participate.

“Tonight is a celebration of many people’s accomplishments in their careers,” said Natalie Redmond, President and CEO of the Chamber. “This is an interesting time in our economy and those taking leadership positions should be recognized for all they they do.”

New executives received recognition at the event, food and drinks as well as a goodie bag filled with items from Chamber member businesses. The event is presented by the Family Guidance Center for Behavioral Healthcare. The following is a list of new executives who were honored and their companies:

Jonathan Arens, Altec Industries, Inc.
Bryson Brandt, Altec Industries, Inc.
Nate Burkert, Altec Industries, Inc.
Casey Culver, Altec Industries, Inc.
Aaron Dixon, Altec Industries, Inc.
Michael Evans, Altec Industries, Inc.
Nicholas Merritt, Altec Industries, Inc.
Carolynn Sollars, Altec Industries, Inc.
Jamie Warren, Altec Industries, Inc.
Ronald Smith, Belt Entertainment
Jeremy Wilson, Belt Entertainment
Kim Gray, BHHS- Stein & Summers Real Estate
Jessica Greub, BHHS- Stein & Summers Real Estate
Brycen Haggard, BHHS- Stein & Summers Real Estate
Britani Howard, Blackstone Contruction
Brian Kidwell, Capital Performance Management
Kenny Cordonnier, City of St. Joseph
Chris Cordonnier, City of St. Joseph
Abe Forney, City of St. Joseph
Holly Hazzard, City of St. Joseph
Brandon Kanoy, City of St. Joseph
Jamey McVicker, City of St. Joseph
Jason Strong, City of St. Joseph
Laurie Tietjen, City of St. Joseph
John Josendale, City of St. Joseph
Brittany Beaver, Commerce Bank
Andrew Love, Commerce Bank
John Gregory, Eagle Communications
Holly Kearnes, Eagle Communications
Ryleigh Reagan, Eagle Communications
Liby Waltemath, Eagle Communications
Shirlee Lyons, Family Guidance Center for Behavioral Healthcare
Amy Spaeth, Family Guidance Center for Behavioral Healthcare
Beth Crumpler, Family Guidance Center for Behavioral Healthcare
Molly Thomas, Family Guidance Center for Behavioral Healthcare
Gabriella Carrasco, Fisher Counseling Services
Stacy Fisher, Garden Gate
Jaymon Meikle, Gertsema Wealth Advisors
Funmi Popoola, Goodwill of Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas
Jenni Jimenez, John Joe Insurance
Cassandra Jimenez, John Joe Insurance
Bizzy Chilcoat, Keller Williams Realty – The Hamilton Group
Amber Corderman, Keller Williams Realty – The Hamilton Group
Becky Boerkircher, Mercury Broadband
Brett Rhodes, Mercury Broadband
Doug Schmitz, Missouri Enterprise
Marc Archambault, Missouri Western State University
Andy Carter, Missouri Western State University
Kelli Douglas, Missouri Western State University
Chris Dunn, Missouri Western State University
Becky Dunn, Missouri Western State University
Dr. Elizabeth Kennedy, Missouri Western State University
Melissa Mace, Missouri Western State University
Laura Reynolds, Missouri Western State University
Tanya Arthur, Mosaic Life Care
Tony Claycomb, Mosaic Life Care
Katie Dias, DO, Mosaic Life Care
Stacie Johnson, Mosaic Life Care
Ed Kammerer, MD, Mosaic Life Care
Brian Kelly, Mosaic Life Care
Crystal Macaluso, DO, Mosaic Life Care
Karan Mohan, MD, Mosaic Life Care
Mike Poore, Mosaic Life Care
Mike Rinard, Mosaic Life Care
Jerri Arnold-Cook, MWSU Career Development Center
Matt Hoskins, News-Press NOW
Morgan Utterback, Pine Valley Contracting, Inc.
Wil Anderson, Ramseier Realty Group
David Dorton, Ramseier Realty Group
Jared Gibbons, Ramseier Realty Group
Rod Mollus, Ramseier Realty Group
Amy Nagel, Ramseier Realty Group
Todd Stutzman, Special Olympics Missouri North Area
Becky Boyles, St. Jo Frontier Casino
Jennifer Dillman, St. Jo Frontier Casino
Don Wren, St. Jo Frontier Casino
Ann Lachowitzer, St. Joseph Catholic Academy
Dawn Lageschulte, St. Joseph Catholic Academy
Julie Love Smith, St. Joseph Catholic Academy
Catherine Neumayr, St. Joseph Catholic Academy
Tony Luke, St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce
Jess Mengel, St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce
Natalie Redmond, St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce
Taylor Crouse, St. Joseph City Council
Michael Grimm, St. Joseph City Council
Kenton Randolph, St. Joseph City Council
Jeff Schomburg, St. Joseph City Council
Randy Schultz, St. Joseph City Council
Andrew Trout, St. Joseph City Council
Jennifer Protzman, St. Joseph Police Department
Dlo Duvall, St. Joseph School District
Dr. Gabe Edgar, St. Joseph School District
Isaura Garcia, St. Joseph School District Board of Directors
Lara Gilpin, St. Joseph School District
Ashley McGinnis, St. Joseph School District
Shannon Nolte, St. Joseph School District
Stacia Studer, St. Joseph School District
Robert Sigrist, St. Joseph School District
Emily Punzo, Sumner, Carter, Hardy & Schwichtenberg, P.C.
Nick Hulet, Team Perka
Jeffery Myers, Team Perka
Emily Blumhardt, Triumph Foods, LLC
Matt England, Triumph Foods, LLC
Joshua Kleinlein, Triumph Foods, LLC
Jamie Frye, Tyson Foods
Lacey Raymond, Voices of Courage Child Advocacy Center
Carrie Watkins, Voices of Courage Child Advocacy Center