Chamber Announces Workplace Wellness Certification

The 2016 Healthy Workforce Summit marked the announcement of a brand new Chamber program, Healthy St. Joseph.

Community members gathered Thursday morning at Missouri Western State University to hear Alida Moonen, board president of the National Wellness Institute. Moonen brought expertise on wellness in the workplace, especially for those just starting out.

Moonen emphasized the importance of asking employees what wellness is to them, stating that for some it may be reading nutrition labels, while others may be focused on financial or spiritual wellness. A successful wellness program focuses on making employees feel good and most importantly, have fun.

The Chamber hopes its program can do just that. Adding a little competition and recognition for employers that are taking the time and money to make their employees enjoy life just a little bit more.

Healthy St. Joseph is a certification process in which companies will be awarded Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Honorable Mention based on scores from the workplace wellness application. The application is focused around four key pillars of health: nutrition, physical activity, smoking cessation and work-life integration.

For a human resources representative, the application should only take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. The first round of applications are due February 1, 2017, but the Chamber let the audience know that if a company isn’t satisfied with its first score, officials may make changes to its wellness program and re-apply by March 1, 2017.

The Chamber hopes that employers of all sizes will apply to become a Healthy St. Joseph Certified Workplace. Representatives stated that, if anything, the application gives a good place to start and fresh ideas for a current wellness program.

Apply today! 

Sponsored in part by Healthy Partnerships (a partnership of Heartland Foundation, Mosaic Life Care, and North Kansas City Hospital).